About the Studio

The Stylish Studio is a Branding and Strategy Studio helping all businesses, startups or established, to turn their dreams into Real Brands with Stylish Strategy, Mentoring, Branding, Website Design, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Courses and Events.

The Stylish Studio started in 2014 when it was called Stylish Kids Australia. It is run by me, Roberta Fairbanks, from the comfort of my home. I have been working from home since the beginning. It was the reason I started this business, so I could be close to my family. Nothing fulfils me more than living my dream career all the while being a present mum and working around my kids. You can read more about my journey in the About Roberta page.

My why? To work around my family's lifestyle, to have freedom to travel and work from wherever I am ( I go to Brazil to see my family quite a bit) and to empower all other mums with little kids and business dreams to know that they can too!

Our Passion? Seeing other women believe in their dream businesses and taking the steps to get there. After all, we all deserve it and can get there when we have the right Roadmap. The only thing holding us back is fear of failing. Secret: Failure is not a thing, it's just a feeling.

Our Goal?
 To take the overwhelm of not knowing where to go, how to start and how much it will cost  to have the right Branding & Strategy by creating Customised Packages that gives our clients    the Brand they deserve and everyone is going to love. To teach our Strategies through Courses and Free Content that will help even more women believe in their dreams. To create a community of women who will support each other, network, collaborate and help each other grow.

How? Here is how you can start your journey today:

Are you ready to take the leap, leave all your fears behind and start the road to the Brand of your dreams? Send us a message below and let's book a chat!