• Website Design - under construction.
  • Social Media Strategy, Branding & Management
  • Creative Design - Printable and Digital 
  • Content Photography


The Larder is my local cafe, the most loved coffee in our small town and the most popular gourmet breakfast, platters and catering. Mel, the owner, is a super talented foodie. We have been working together for close to 12 months now, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We absolutely love that we get to showcase our favourite cafe!

Here is a list of the main things we do for the Larder: Mel and I have fortnightly Strategy Meetings to make sure their social are continually bringing sales with the right content, content photography and editing, stories and reels. Attending events for content. Graphic Design for printable like Menu & Catalogues.

"Every time you post on our Instagram, we make a sale in the shop. I have been receiving so many compliments on our Instagram" | @thelardergoondiwindi

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