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Dreaming of growing a successful brand but feeling overwhelmed with where to start is no fun. Don't be held back. You were destined for more. You can have the business and the stay-home-lifestyle.

We don't care about Design and Strategy, we care about you feeling aligned with your passion and building a Brand that stands-out.

Join over 3,000 women who have turned their passions into *REAL* Brands by using our Strategy & Branding Studio.

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Doesn't your passion deserve a chance to become reality?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed to turn an idea into an actual online successful brand? Have you been searching for Mentors, Designers and Strategies you can trust? Do you long to understand the Steps to start or recreate a Brand that will bring you closer to the dream of working from home around your family? Did you know taking simple tried and tested steps and getting help where you feel overwhelmed will help you get there 10x faster? Most new businesses owners struggle with these same questions. You are not alone, and we are here to help.

My Story

Hello, I'm Roberta Fairbanks.

Award Winning Marketing Strategist, Brand Identity Lover, Website Designer, Magazine Editor, Event Planner, Speaker, Passionate entrepreneur, Reiki Practioner, Self Love Advocate and founder of 6 Successful Businesses in less than 7 year.

I'm your High Achiever OP 1 kind of girl who has continually chosen to follow her passions leading her to a life she could never have dreamed of.

My biggest achievement? Becoming a mother. Without a doubt.

Welcome to my Branding and Strategy Studio, where I get to create magic for YOU.


ready to grow your business?

Do you have a passion, an idea you love, a dream you want to turn into reality but have no idea where to start? or you have started but it's just not feeling how it should?

Let us help you turn your projects into dreamy brands.

customer love.

Marketing Strategy Plan

"Just WOW! Finished my strategy session with Roberta and have left feeling excited and ready to conquer the world. It is always so nerve wracking meeting new people and discussing business, especially when you put your heart and soul into it and your ideas and plans sometimes can feel overwhelming. Roberta straight away made me feel relaxed and at ease. She understood exactly where I was coming from, could see my vision, we connected, were able to plan, tears were shed and I was left feeling excited, determined and empowered. Roberta, you are truly amazing and I can't thank you enough!"

- Katy Stone, Milki and Co

“Ohhh my goodness!! WOW! All sounds/looks incredible - thank you!! I love the website layout and can definitely see how well the Instagram images work/flow together now, using the same tones/presets etc. Gosh you have been super busy, AMAZING!!!”

Website Design & Social Media

- Jess, The Good Gift Co

Social Media Management

"I have been receiving so many compliments on our Social Media. Orders come in every time you post"

- Mel, The Larder

12 Months Mentoring Program

" I have absolutely loved working with Roberta, she has helped to implement so many creative and valuable ideas into my business. She continually gives me new projects to work on and puts new and inspiring ideas in my head. I feel I have more energy and drive for my business venture than I ever have before. I have a much clearer mind and direction of what I am doing in my business and what I am aiming to achieve"

- Emma, Little Meme Designs

Strategy, Web Design & Email Marketing

"I love everything you have created, it's amazing and so professional. Thank you for the kickstart and for inspiring me. I feel like I'm on track now. It has been so great having your support and teaching me so much. I will definitely be continuing to work with you for future campaigns and growing my business."

- Jasmine, Worn Wilde

"Professional. Educated. On point. Understand the Instagram World. Roberta is the one stop shop for all Small Businesses to gain entry into this incredible online space and for growth. Definitely recommend joining the Stylish Family."


- Monique, Snuggle Hunny Kids

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